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Somewhere Between Guffaws and Long-Replies

I want a Japanese man-band of my own.

29 March 1990
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'baru's knees beneath shorts, accents, acting, aiba's contagious hyena laugh, aibaka, andre agassi, arashi, aries, asians, barns, blushes, bowling, boys, canada, corny lines, cuticles, days, denzel washington, domenico nessi, driving, drums, eyes, felt pens, flavor flav, friends, go-kun's screeching, goro pushing hair back, goro-chan, gussan's arms, halle berry, headbands, hina, hina's extra teeth, homemade food, inocchi's mood-making skillz, ipods, john malkovich, johnny depp before cardboardfame, jun who's a dork, junk, kamisen, kanjani∞, ken-chan's nasally voice, kimura-kun, laughs, leader's modesty, logos, lurking, mabo's long face, manga, maru, maru's fluctuating double chin, matsujun, middle fingers, mountains & sea, movies, music, nagano nicest in je, nagase keepin' it real, nakai's raspy-hoarse singing voice, nakai-kun, new words, nick simmons, nino, nino's moles, notes, oddities, ohkura, ohkura's smug expression, ohno's pretty fingers, okada and his snark, old words, perverts, piercings, porn, quotations, ray stevenson, reading, riida, ryo, ryo's extra large smile, sakamoto's sex appeal, shakespeare, shingo's stomach churning smile, shingo-chan, shivers, sho's rapper engrish, sho-kun, smap, sports, steering wheels, stuff, subaru, taichi's brightness, talking, tattoos, television, theatre, things, thoughts, today, togas, tokio, tomorrow, tonisen, tsuyopon, twix, types, upturn of tsuyoshi's lips, useless muscles, v6, videogames, when kimura laughs unabashed, when yoko tells jokes, writing, yasu, yasu swinging that way, yesterday, yoko, yoyos, zombies


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